Rates & registrations

We have plenty of packages so you can start on the right foot ♥
Try an unlimited week

1 month membership

Unlimited access to all our classes for 1 month

$140 +tx

3 months membership

Unlimited access to all our classes for 3 months

$134+tx per month
(comes up to $402 +tx)

6 months membership

Unlimited access to all our classes for 6 months

$130 +tx/month
(comes up to $780 +tx)

12 months membership

Unlimited access to all our classes for 12 months

$ 126 +tx per month
(comes up to $1 440 +tx)

How does it work?

It’s exactly like your meal preparation kit, your monthly box of stuff or your Netflix subscription: your membership gives you access to all our classes during the selected period, and it auto-renews automatically at the end of the period.

Skip a period: No worries, we understand! To make it easy, we’ll email you 3 days before your membership renews: you can then choose to skip the next one or maintain your good habits, easy breezy!

Cancel your membership: No strings attached. We’ll be happy to help you, just email, call or talk to us at the studio. Cancellation fees apply though.

Not a fan of commitment? Go with the flow and pick a class card instead!

Class cards

1 spontaneous class ………. $23 +tx

6-class card ………………… $120 +tx

12-class card ………………… $216 +tx

24-class card ………………… $396 +tx

Personal training

1 personal training …………. $70 +tx

6 personal trainings ……… $360 +tx

12 personal trainings ……. $600 +tx

Apéro Hop!

Apéro Hop! Solo …… $25 +tx

Apéro Hop! Duo …… $40 +tx

Cocktail included!

Special events

Kids party (2-3) …. $50+tx /child

Kids party (4-7) …. $40+tx /child

Kids party (8+) …. $ 36+tx /child

I want to register!

Here’s how it works:

  1. The best is to book your classes before coming in. Without registering, you can still come as a drop-in.
  2. Once your class is booked, you can change your reservation up to 12 hours prior to the class! If you cancel after the 12-hour notice or you do not show up for your class, it is sadly lost and cannot be retaken. In the case of unlimited memberships, our unsportsmanlike conduct fees of $10 +tx may apply.
  3. Class cards (1, 6, 12 and 24) are non-refundable but they do not expire and can be used at any time!
  4. Memberships (1, 3,6 or 12 months) are non-refundable, valid for the selected period and can be paused upon request within the validity period. They will renew automatically upon expiration, unless you tell us otherwise. Not a fan of commitment? Choose a class card instead!
  5. Our 12h notice applies to special events, private training and Aperos as well.