I have a question!

You’ve danced before but it’s been a while – Yes.
You’re pretty much an expert -Yes
You’ve never danced before – Yes
You’re a boy – Yes
You have excess weight/flat feet/white hair/curves/no flexibility/the memory of a goldfish -Yes
In short, THERE’S A PLACE FOR YOU HERE! We’re missing you actually!

We don’t give away classes because we believe in paying our staff fairly for their work. BUT! You can buy an individual class to try it out. We also have an unlimited week trial for $35 +tx if it’s your first time with us!

It depends on your goal. If you want to learn ballet, dance and know the technique, you can start with Ballet for Dummies, then Petite Technique. If you want to move, work your muscles and get in shape, we suggest starting with Sans Chichis, which will give you an overview of our programs! Feel free to contact us so we can direct you to the right class for you 🙂

Dress code-wise, it’s all about being comfortable and feeling fierce! Leggings & tank top or leotards and tights, everything works! However, you need a pair of socks or ballet shoes (which we sell in our little boutique by the way), a reusable water bottle, a hair tie. We have everything else – yoga mat included!

Two simple steps: purchase your class card or your membership, then book your spot in the class of your choice. Once you’ve purchased classes, you can book in advance or as you go (or not at all, but some classes fill up quickly). You can book at any time and can change your reservations up to 12 hours prior to your class.

Unfortunately, your class will be lost. We’re really sorry that you missed it and we know sometimes it’s just impossible to know ahead of time. On the other hand, without our 12- hour notice, we can’t give your spot to someone else and that sucks for us, for the teacher and for the other clients. That’s why your class is lost. Don’t worry, we know you’ll catch up next time!

Class cards are not refundable but they do not expire. It’s so that you have more flexibility!

Most of our classes are built to be drop-in friendly: Corps de ballet, Sans chichis, Barre au sol, Stretch… HOWEVER: Technical classes like Petite technique will progress during the season. Please give yourself a good 2-3 weeks to feel comfortable in these classes. Your sense of humor is needed! Also, make sure to include a few « Ballet for Dummies » classes in your schedule if you’ve never done ballet before – it’ll help you catch up!

When the class is full, you can add your name to the waiting list. As soon as a place opens up, we send you an email. If you don’t receive one, it means there were was no cancellations but, don’t worry, you didn’t lose a class. Once you receive an email informing you that a spot opened up, you simply have to reply to confirm. We will then add the class to your account, but don’t panic if it doesn’t appear right away: as soon as you confirm by email, your spot is reserved! Also, don’t forget to sign up to our mailing list in your account if you want to be notified as soon as a spot opens up! That’s your job!

We made you a little map to help!