Certification Ballet Hop!™ for instructors

Change the face of your days at work with a rigorous, comprehensive and really cool teaching method. Whether you want to teach classes in your community or open your own Ballet Hop! ™ studio, we are here to support you!

  • Work in your neighborhood

  • Many professional opportunities

  • New routines

  • A recognized expertise in the field of group class fitness

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*minimum of 4 participants required

 Ballet Hop!™ Certification for instructors

Certification details

  • Certification content

  • Human anatomy

  • Principles of training

  • Basic ballet method

  • Participants safety

  • Musicality

  • Included materials

  • Instructor Booklet

  • One (1) choreographed routine

  • Access to our online resources

  • Coaching 1:1

  • Steps to certification

  • 2 or 3 days (16h)

  • Personal study

  • Coaching 1:1

  • Class observation

  • Certification exam

  • Rates and registration

  • $399 +tx

  • Offered at Mile-End Studio

  • Offered at Verdun Studio

  • Join the casual ballerina gang!

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No training experience, no ballet experience… or no experience whatsoever? This a great way to start your career as a group fitness class instructor! It’s also a strong complement if you’d like to include ballet moves to your classes, to improve your own practice or simply to have fun!

We train our instructors in small groups. There are no pre-requisites apart from being in good health and physically able to teach the class (which includes cardio, muscular training and stretching components)

Comfortable clothes, ballet shoes or workout socks, a reusable water bottle and a pen. We will supply the Instructor booklet, as well as your first choreographed routine.

Initial certification $399 +tx
Annual re-certification: $129 +tx

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