Choreo workshop
4 Saturdays

Saturdays from April 8th to 29th 2023

If you love dancing and want to go further in learning choreography, this workshop is for you!
Over the course of 4 weeks, we learn a intermediate level choreography in a specific type of dance – and we film it at the end! A happy mix of rigor and fun that will please anyone who likes to surpass themselves through dance!
  • From 1:30PM à 3PM

  • Mile-End location

  • Dance style for April: Contemporary

Let’s go!

Dancing together for fun!

Workshop details

  • Approach

  • Small groups for a personnalized approach

  • A souvenir video at the end!

  • Body-positive approach

  • No prerequisite, but for those who like a challenge!

  • Prices and details

  • Price … 96$+tx

  • Saturdays from April 8th to 29th from 1:30PM to 3PM at the Mile-End location

  • *Non transferable/refundable (it’s a one shot deal thing because we want results and to film it!)


Perfect whatever your level in dance!

None! Just wanting to dance and be up for a little challenge!

Confortable clothes, socks or ballet slippers, a reusable water bottle

The workshop cannot be refunded, but it can be exchanged until it begins.

Flexibility workshop
5 days

Next dates in Fall 2023!

A week intensive workshop on your big gaps (lateral and frontal), your foot in your hand and a little bit on your arabesque. Because we may dance for fun, we also believe in surpassing ourselves, in development & in rigorous work.

  • Lateral split (front and back)

  • Big gaps

  • Hand in foot

  • Arabesque if time allows

Let’s go!

Discover your whole flexibility potential!

Workshop details

  • Approach

  • Small groups for a personnalized approach

  • Coaching 1:1

  • Intensive gradual approach and tailor-made

  • Safe results

  • Prices and details

  • 15h intensive workshop … 320$ +tx


  • From Monday to Friday, 10AM to 1AM, at our Mile-End location

What’s in this workshop?

Always thought you weren’t flexible? Camille too. After having always lived in the body of a 2×4, Camille started a few years ago her road to flexibility. She got her split for the first time at age 30, so there’s hope!

Without being able to claim the title of contortionist at Cirque du Soleil, there is a way to improve the flexibility of just about everyone. We can *almost* guarantee that you will see mega improvement in five days with our safe yet intensive method. Please note that this workshop is not for people who are pregnant, deconditioned or in rehabilitation. It will be demanding, but the light will finally shine at the end of the tunnel of your flexibility!

  • 15h intensive workshop
  • initial flexibility assessment
  • warm-up exercises
  • flexibility work
  • work-at-home routine to maintain gains
  • advice from real experiences


It’s the perfect workshop for you, no matter how flexible you are (well, aside from contortionists, maybe).

You must have a level of physical conditioning suitable for an intensive workshop (3 hours a day for 5 days), including cardio, muscular and flexibility components.

Miracle formulas are not our thing, so we can’t guarantee that everyone will suddenly become very flexible. Instead, we offer you a working method, an easy routine to reproduce at home and support during the first five days so that you achieve the maximum gain in flexibility. You will then have to deal with age, anatomy, genetic factors and several other determinants, but it is almost certain that you will see an improvement.

We suggest a comfortable outfit, ballet slippers or training socks, a reusable water bottle, a pencil.

The workshop cannot be refunded, but it can be exchanged until it begins.

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