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Girls and sport

Girls and sports are supposed to be a love story. Unfortunately, in Canada, one in two girls abandon physical activity before adulthood due to negative body image or feeling unwelcome (2020). This is why Ballet Hop! is proud to join forces with partners like FillActive, La Lancée and Groupe Équilibre to work concretely for the advancement of girls and women in sport. Through our participation in various female activation events, we make room for girls, step by step.

Our involvement

Nest Egg Foundation

Because security is the bare minimum.
In response to the wave of feminicides in recent years in Quebec, the entrepreneur behind Ballet Hop! also started the Nest Egg Foundation, which helps domestic violence victims regain their economic power. Through our donation which allow women in recovery to leave the shelter, the Foundation improves access to emergency resources and gives women and their children a new start.

To mark International Women’s Rights Day, each year we launch a limited edition t-shirt, the profits of which are donated to the Nest Egg Foundation. Les Impertinentes Café also carries out several benefit activities for the Foundation throughout the year, follow them here!

Our values

Inclusive feminism

A space for brilliant, inspired and confident women: we’re here for it. Gentlemen, non-binary people and all other gender expressions welcome 💛

Kindness (of course)

From our front desk to the barre, including our emails, you are welcome as you are.

The right effort

It’s okay to suck at ballet and still do it. Having fun, developing friendships and surpassing yourself are a lot nicer than performance if you ask us.

Tightly Knitted Trade Program

Do you want to come move with us, but it’s a little tight financially? Come work at the reception of one of our studios in exchange for access to our classes!

3-5h of work per week, 3-month minimum engagement

Tasks: customer service and studio maintenance

Access to all our studio classes!

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