Project Description


The dream comes true!

Have you always dreamed of putting on the mythical pointe shoes in order to pirouette as if there was no tomorrow? The time has come! For this ballet lesson, you need to get pointes before your first class (we recommend Rossetti!). We advise you to have some experience in ballet and / or to follow technical classes at the same time.

  • 45 minutes

  • Classical music

  • All levels welcome!

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You need to feel comfy and fierce. Leggings and a tank top, leotard and tights, whatever floats your boat. You need a pair of pointe shoes (ideally custom-fitted at Rossetti) and the gel pads to put in them (do NOT purchase the neoprene ones!). Also useful, a reusable water bottle and a hairtie!

Sure, this class is made so that everyone can join in anytime! We recommend that you have prior ballet experience before going en pointe.