The name says it all.

Not the most original name, but it has the merit of being clear: we will work on your flexibility! Everyone knows that flexibility is an essential of ballet, but it is also an essential of life in general. Whether you want to improve your splits or simply like, be able to tie your shoes without wincing, this class is for you. Come lengthen your muscles, straighten your posture and pull your whole body upwards, feeling of total well-being and chin held high included!

  • 60 minutes

  • Varied music

  • All levels welcome!

You need to feel comfy and fierce. Leggings and a tank top, leotard and tights, whatever floats your boat. You need a pair of ballet shoes or workout socks, a reusable water bottle and a hairtie! We’ll lend you a yoga mat.

Sure, this class is made so that everyone can join in anytime!