Floor barre

Strength, poise and grace

The floor barre class is gentle but will make you work hard! We’re on the floor in a lying or sitting position to work in precision on our turnout, opening, resistance and flexibility. Elongated, toned body and a calm mind, what could be better? This class is also perfect for you if you are in a perinatal period of your life , in rehabilitation or if you prefer a class without impact!

  • 60 minutes

  • Calm music

  • All levels welcome!

You need to feel comfy and fierce. Leggings and a tank top, leotard and tights, whatever floats your boat. You need a pair of ballet shoes or workout socks, a reusable water bottle and a hairtie! We’ll lend you a yoga mat.

Sure, this class is made so that everyone can join in anytime!